Burundi - Kiziba Medium Roast (Sold in 1, 2 & 5 Pound Bags

Burundi - Kiziba Medium Roast (Sold in 1, 2 & 5 Pound Bags

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Emile is one of the farmers that represents this inaugural offering from Burundi, Africa. Like many Burundi coffee farmers, Emile is a small coffee producer with just 323 coffee trees. Last year he made just over $300 growing coffee that supports his family of 7 children, but through THRIVE Farmers he now has an opportunity to make much more because he now has direct access to the coffee marketplace.

The Ben Carlson family is there in Burundi helping these farmers get their coffee crops to market. View Ben & Kristy have given themselves to these awesome farmers and their crops. When you purchase and drink this coffee you become a part of their story. View the video below to see how this story is told.

This Kiziba region coffee lot is from the Kinyovu coffee collection washing station. This station just won the Cup of Excellence, the most prestigious award given to a specialty coffee. The farmers who were part of achieving this sought-after award are the farmers who have grown the coffee you are enjoying today. When you purchase a 16 oz. bag of this excellent coffee you will be drinking some of the best tasting coffee in the world!

Grown and crafted with care, this distinctive coffee offers notes of clover honey and molasses with a mild acidity and chocolate finish. 

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