Wins # 2 through 5 -- All About People!

As we started working through the Five Wins of Furnace Hills Coffee it dawned on us the last four have to do with people:

  • A Win for Farmers: We purchase green coffee as much as possible directly from farmers. That way the get the best price for their hard work.
  • A Win for People with Developmental Disabilities: We hire individuals with developmental disabilities. In fact our Chief Coffee Roaster has Down syndrome. 
  • A Win for Organizations working with people with developmental disabilities: We have given thousands of dollars to organizations working with those with developmental disabilities.
  • A Win for you the Furnace Hills Coffee Drinker. You tell us our coffee tastes great!

So, when it boils down to it Furnace Hills Coffee is all about people. 

We are serving farmers by giving them the best possible prices for their coffees. We know personally the farmers from these countries:

  • Bolivia -- The Valverde Brothers
  • Honduras -- The Garcia Family
  • Colombia -- Ivanov and Angela Costellanos
  • Eithiopia -- Demise Family

Along with knowing those families personally we also are aware of the Maria Co-op in Colombia. These are single women who produce awesome coffee. Ivanov and Angela introduced us to their great coffees.

In her book, The Death of Josseline, Margaret Regan shares the stories of Mexican coffee farmers who are leaving their farms and coming to the United States because they cannot get a fair price for their coffees. What a sad state. The movie, Black Gold, tells the same story about Ethiopian Farmers, but the hopeless state they can be in because there is nothing to do so they continue to grow coffee and sell it far below what if costs them to bring it to market.

By paying the prices we do for our coffees we -- and you -- are contributing to the economic and social infra-structure of the communities where our farmers live. And as we receive feedback from you they send us great tasting coffees

What Furnace Hills Coffee do you like to drink? Is it mentioned above coming straight from one of our farmers?