Five Wins With Furnace Hills Coffee

Furnace Hills Coffee was started almost 7 years ago so that Erin Baldwin would have a job. Erin had moved back to live with her Mom & Dad. She had been living in a residential facility in the Midwest and it was time to bring her home. Since she was new to the state of MD and so were her parents, she was put on the end of ever waiting list that would provide her services. In fact the state told her parents it could be 10 years before they could help her find a job. So the Baldwin's did some investigating and in April of 2010 Furnace Hills Coffee started its roasting operation in their kitchen. Initially the goal was to employ Erin. The Baldwin's started researching coffee and this worldwide phenomenon of how coffee gets from the tree to your cup. That has led to a five win strategy that Furnace Hills Coffee now embraces:

1.  Naturally Grown:  We don't buy coffee from low areas where coffee was "not meant to be          grown", which have to rely on anti-fungus chemicals, pesticides and excessive amounts of          artificial fertilizers.  Our Bolivian coffees are shade grown.

2.   Direct Trade Purchased: We deal directly with farmers or importers who do.

3.   Employs the Developmentally Disabled: Our chief roaster has Down syndrome.

4.   Aids the Developmentally Disabled: We fund orphans in Ukraine & works with community         development organizations around the world

5.    QualityBrew: Our customers tell us Furnace Hills Coffee tastes great!

Over the next week or so we will unpack these five wins Furnace Hills Coffee embraces. We love our tag line that summarizes it all: Special Coffee Roasted by Special People.